Why our clients choose us?

During our 20+ years of experience, we have helped many small businesses and startups with ad-hoc & remote IT support services and office IT support. We strive for excellence and ensure our clients get the full range of IT support benefits.

We know that when you choose a IT partner, you are choosing to entrust your organisation's future and and goals to their care and expertise. We take that confidence seriously and work every day to continue to earn that trust. Your success is our priority.

As a vendor independent company, our loyalty is soley to you, our customer. Consequently, customer satisfaction is at the heart of BlackStone Associates' success, with its commitment to deliver tailored IT and network solutions at an affordable price - and it is an obligation we take seriously and deliver.

BlackStone Associates brings maximum value to your organisation by helping you reduce costs of ownership while simplifying and streamlining your IT operations. We leverage our strategic and industry expertise to identify technology solutions that deliver the greatest benefits for your organisation. We will ensure that you have the computer support and the IT support contract that is appropriate for your organisation and your needs.


How we work with you

The key to a successful IT service is ensuring that you get the right products and services for your current and future goals.

We offer a flexible, tailored service, whether you need remote monitoring and remote IT support or you require a computer engineer to visit you onsite, our IT support services focus on your business needs first. We do what it takes to get the result that you are looking for to ensure we remain dutiful to you.

We are not here to sell you a specific product from a specific vendor just so we can earn vendor commission - instead we offer technology tailored to your needs and objectives, not our own.

Above all else, we want to make sure that you do not waste your money or your time. IT problems and downtime can severley impact your productivity. We provide proactive solutions, including 24/7 remote monitoring, pre-emptive solutions for problems we have seen before, and pro-active backup and security systems, so your IT supports your aims and objectives, not hinders them.

   Excellent customer service

   Maximise your IT investments

   Quick resolution of IT issues

   Aligned to your goals

   Effective & scalable solutions

   Proactive monitoring of IT systems

   Cyber Security services

   Business continuity & DR solutions

   Strategic cloud migrations

   Compliance & regulation adherence

   High-level IT planning

   Rapid response IT support & assistance

   Information & data protection

   IT support packages to meet your needs

   Hardware and software sales

   Remote, telephone and on-site IT support

   Cloud computing services

   IT infrastructure

   vCIO & advisory services

   24/7 helpdesk and training

Who we serve

Find out how our IT and communications services can help your organisation succeed.

Our Clients

We are a trusted, strategic technology partner to a number of customers across a diverse range of sectors who range in size from small local startups to SMEs.

Our clients, who have anything from 1 to 500 users, require services ranging from straight forward desktop support to fully managed IT services, including Network Design, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, Data Centre Hosting, System Relocation and Telecoms.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We realise that your IT is critical for your success - but we are also aware that maintaining it can be expensive when you are focussed on running your organisation. That is why our solutions are designed to help keep costs down without compromising on quality, reliability or security.

We tailor our fully managed IT support to suit your organisation's needs and budget - including 24x7 monitoring and management of your systems and infrastructure and provide your with remote and onsite support through our service desk and onsite engineering team.

We take our role as your strategic advisor very seriously and work diligently, methodically and swiftly to ensure we can fulfil our duty towards you. We will consult with you to understand your objectives, and collaborate with you to improve your systems and infrastructure to meet those objectives. This will be underpinned with our advice and guidance, which allow us to carefully guide you so you can maximise your IT investments and achieve your organisational goals.

Our fully-trained and expert team will make sure your ongoing business and technical needs are met covering all your infrastructure, business application, business continuity and security needs.

IT Managers & Internal Teams

It is often hard to balance between good housekeeping and integrating new technologies to lead the way for digital transformation, putting a lot of strain on IT managers and internal teams.

A busy and understaffed internal IT team can be detrimental - lack of internal manpower, resources and expertise often result in IT issues and projects hitting stumbling blocks, or long delays - we will partner with you to provide support and specialist services for specific aspects of your IT systems and infrastructure, such as application operation, storage and backup or maintenance of systems, or even end user complementary support. You will still retain full control, but we will be on hand to support you by filling skill shortages, providing expertise and alleviating the load.

We will complement your team to enhance your internal resourcing and technical skill set and capability, improving internal efficiencies and supporting you to delivery exceptional end-user experience to your customers - letting you focus on your core business while receiving expert IT or project management support, when and where it is needed.


Free IT assessment

Get the most from your technology

We will review your existing IT infrastructure and identify any shortfalls and potential improvements.

Read below to find out how our IT assessment can help you.

How our IT Assessment service can help you

The primary objective is to provide an independent opinion on your IT systems, infrastructure & processes. An IT assessment can be a time consuming manual task, or require capital investment in specialist software, but undertaking an assessment can often lead to significant benefits for a business if approached in the right way.

We can help you:

Understand your existing systems, infrastructure, processes & controls

Working in an organisation day-in day-out can mean concentrating on specific issues whilst failing to notice the wider situation.

Maybe you need to baseline your IT assets and processes, perhaps there has been a recent acquisition and merger and you are looking to rationalise your systems, or possibly you are undertaking a significant migration and need to understand the compatibilty and suitability of your existing systems & infrastructure.

By looking at your organisation from a completely independent view, we are able to suggest ideas for improvement that may not have otherwise been considered.

Address & solve performance problems

Identify routing loops, or poor network optimisation - resolve problems with devices losing connectivity - troubleshoot slow performance of servers or your workstations.

Reduce IT support issues

You need to ensure all computers are running accepted versions of software - you want assurance that patching is up-to-date - gain confirmation that your systems are uniform across the organisation.

Risk awareness & information security

Risk and governance plays an increasingly important role in many organisations, regardless of size or sector. An assessment can be the perfect platform to do this, providing assurance that the correct systems are in place to handle any potential risks that may arise.

Find loopholes and weaknesses in your infrastructure - ensure that the latest anti-virus and threat management tools and updates are running.

Satisfying third party requirements

An assessment provides confidence that an organisation is in good shape - it also offers evidence and assurance to third parties and ensures any regulatory requirements are being maintained.

Our Auditing process


1. Engagement

Complete the form below and we will call you to arrange a suitable time for a review meeting and potential dates for the IT Assessment to be conducted.

2. Review meeting

A member of our team will meet with you to gain an understanding of your business needs and an overview of your setup

During the meeting they will ensure that they fully understand your business, any relevant history, and the reasons for your current IT infrastructure.

The scope of the IT assessment will be identified. In addition to our free IT assessment, we can further offer detailed data centre, network, voice/dialling plan assessments and security audits.

3. IT Assessment execution

We will conduct the physical audit of your IT systems and benchmark your IT infrastructure against current industry best practice.

We have close partnerships with the developers of industry leading tools. Our team members are trained and have enough experience to ensure accuracy.

4. Reporting of findings

We will then report back with our findings and outline the current position of your IT systems, identifying any shortfalls and risks, and optionally suggest possible future improvements.

This can identify whether or not, for example, everything is operating efficiently, your assets are safe, and whether IT is contributing to your business objectives.

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