Telecomms and network solutions that give you performance, availability and security

   Avoid potentially costly network downtime

   Network installation and 24x7x365 network monitoring & support

   Improve WiFi coverage with our WiFi survey & planning

   Achieve a consistent level of security

Network solutions that give you performance, availability and security

Reduce complexity - Increase availability and agility

BlackStone Associates is one of the leading IT, Telecom & Network support providers in London and the South East providing guidance & assistance to enable start-ups and small & medium businesses, with 1 to 250 users, get the maximum value from their Telecom and Network investments.

With head offices in Windsor, Berkshire, we provide reliable IT support and strategic technology advice to empower your business to ensure your technology investments are performing at optimal levels at all times.

Our enterprise grade Telecom & Network services gives you the power to leverage the latest technologies to make your business communications more reliable & efficient.


Facilitate & enhance business communications & productivity


Leverage innovative technology to make significant savings


Protect your systems from intrusion and data breaches


Compliant with international & regional regulations

Eliminate downtime & improve security and employee productivity

In today's workplace, your users expect a great quality of experience - and your business demands the realisation of productivity & efficiency gains.

When businesses don't have reliable telecommunication infrastructure, their VoIP & teleconferencing doesn't work properly, they're unable to access cloud applications & data, and productivity drops.

BlackStone Associates pro-actively monitors and manages your telecom, network & Wi-Fi infrastructure to ensure optimal quality of service for all your business critical applications.

BlackStone Associates' will help you with every stage of your telecommunications strategy, from vetting carriers and solutions to the ongoing maintenance of your telecom, network and Wi-Fi infrastructure. Our managed network services will provide you with full network discovery & analysis, issue reporting & resolution, usage analysis & capacity planning and network security management.

Building resilient telecommunications for your business

Telecommunications are central to some of your most important business functions. Services like disaster recovery, business continuity and integrated voice and data communications require fast, highly-reliable network connectivity. Reliable telecommunications enable you to leverage the latest in cloud and integrated technologies, enabling you to quickly & flexibly scale your existing IT capabilities.

BlackStone Associates provide businesses with a single partner to maintain all aspects of their telecoms & network, from Internet connectivity & multi-site networking issues to data cabling & VPN management.

Problems inside your office network? We can handle it. Problems between your office and the Internet? We can handle that too.

Peace of mind
Secure & compliant, maintaining data confidentiality and integrity.

Wide range of services including assessment, design, implementation and management.

Future Proof
Providing you with a foundation for stronger resiliency, mobility & ability to innovate faster.

High Reliability
We remediate new or potential issues immediately - before you're even aware.

Lower your IT expenditure
Leverage the latest in VOIP & integrated communications for cost savings.

Improved Performance
Pro-active support & monitoring to ensure your systems are running optimally 24/7.

"The level of service and expertise has been refreshing enabling our business to operate more efficiently. BlackStone Associates has proven to be a trusted and reliable partner."

Founder, Recruitment Agency

What we can deliver

Instant IT Support in London
Business Telephony

Reduce cost, access latest features, work from anywhere and benefit from crystal clear calls when compared to traditional systems.

Networking & WiFi

We can assess, manage & support wired and corporate & guest Wi-Fi networks which are fast, resilient, reliable & secure.

Structured Cabling

Our projects include retrofits and expansion of existing offices, new office construction and technology upgrades.


We can deliver bespoke voice and network connectivity, providing high-speed reliable connections for every budget.

Configuration & Maintenance

Your systems must be updated with the latest patches & firmware to operate optimally. We'll make sure that happens on time.

Design, Deployment & Transition

We can offer full guidance, advice and support in designing, deploying & migrating your telecoms, network & Wi-Fi.

Monitoring & Performance Analytics

We identify where issues occur - identifying risks & leveraging opportunities - preventing breaches with timely escalations.

Security and Compliance

We help keep your sensitive information safe & compliant against an ever-changing threat of data breaches & exploitation.

Instant IT Support in London
Talk to a member of our team today on 01753 369 050

Telecommunications is the lifeline of your business. You need reliable bandwidth day in and day out. We can help you improve your existing Internet, data, Wi-Fi and voice services.


Reinforce your business foundations

Your voice & data networks form the foundation for your most important business functions. WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi & VOIP technology continue to advance - but this doesn't necessarily require an investment in new equipment.

By employing our experience & expertise, BlackStone Associates' can help you towards achieving your telecom, data and Internet bandwidth needs by reinforcing and optimising your existing network and telecom assets, contributing to your business becoming more productive, secure and cost-effective.

Assess, Monitor, Identify, Optimise

As part of our assessment services, our engineers can perform a network and telecoms services audit to help you better understand your network and voice services (existing business lines, calls, broadband and mobile services) - evaluating your existing spend, improving performance, increasing stability and identifying cost saving opportunities.

We can also perform Wi-Fi performance assessments, to ensure your Wi-Fi points are optimally placed to provide you with the best coverage and performance.

Unified Communications

Communication technologies of today include voice, email, video, instant messaging, screen-sharing - increasing the speed and agility of business and fostering collaboration among employees, partners and customers as they engage with one another to communicate and innovate.

With a unified communications platform from BlackStone Associates, you can count on reliability, remarkable flexibility and user & customer empowerment.

Cybersecurity - protecting your data

Your modern Office with the power of the cloud.

This cloud-based subscription service brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps like Excel and Outlook with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Office 365 lets anyone create and share - anywhere, on any device.

Managed IT Services

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01753 369 050

Get Network & Telecom Support

Discover how our services have helped our clients to:

Identify cost savings through our Telecoms & Network audits

Improve communication & collaboration

Optimise their network to improve productivity

Enhance cyber security & compliance

Streamline their business processes with tailored solutions