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Get business critical IT support in London and the South East

   IT support issues responded to within 10 minutes

   No hidden cost with fixed monthly payments

   96% of our clients are completely satisfied with our service

   Full technology suite coverage

Get scalable business critical IT support in London and the South East

See exactly what you get with our based IT support service


You can access your IT support services 24/7, 365 days a year - including bank holidays

We aim to respond within 10 minutes to IT issues raised by you

Both remote & onsite support included in your package


Our engineers proactively check & ensure your systems are a 100% secure at all times

We ensure you are always compliant with essential standards such as GDPR, FCA, PCI

We install all updates and security patches in the background so you don't have to


We develop a technology roadmap, unique for your business, aligned with your targets

As an independent provider, our loyalty is solely to you, our customer

Our agnostic approach will ensure the recommended technology aligns with your goals


Our full technology offering, allows you to set budgets and plan for the future with no surprises

Our pricing is simple, transparent and predictable - allowing you to budget your monthly IT costs

There are no hidden charges in our agreement. Anywhere. Ever.

Business critical IT Support

For IT advice and guidance, or to enquire about our IT support and maintenance services, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you:

01753 369 701

Fast response times

Instantaneous and direct phone access

Highly flexible and cost-effective

Specialist capabilities and experience

Aligned and scalable to your business

As much, or as little IT support as you need.

If you require South East or London IT Support, we can provide as much, or as little as you need. By providing consistent and truly personalised IT support - guaranteeing quality and peace of mind for you - our IT Support contracts gives you greater control over your budget and allows you to focus on your organisation.

IT Support in London
Tailored service offerings

Our South East and London IT Support service can be tailored to your needs. With highly skilled technical, technology & support services to intelligently support and scale your business - you can extend your capabilities & supercharge your IT operations.

1st-line support to 3rd-line escalation

Direct phone access and immediate response

Remote service desk - fully outsourced or 'pay-as-you-use'

24/7 x 365, 'out of hours', or on-demand support

Proactive infrastructure monitoring & management

Expert IT Support in London
Expert attention

Certified and experienced IT service team.

Scalable IT Support in London
Scalable Services

From ad-hoc support to managed plans.

Instant IT Support in London
Instant IT helpdesk

Improved service delivery for better user satisfaction.

Cheap IT Support in London

Leverage our economies of scale, instead of hiring in-house

Emergency IT Support in London
Emergency response

Quick and instantanous response to manned helpdesk

High performing IT Support in London
High performing

80%+ of reported issues are resolved within a single phone call.

Our IT Support services are ideal for your business if...

You require 1st-line to 3rd-line support

You are a SME with 2 - 250 people in your company

You would like 24/7 x 365, 'out of hours', or on-demand support

You want access to your IT support instantly, within just minutes

You need a IT support company which helps you achieve your business goals

Get IT support - easy as 123!

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You'll get to speak to our IT support engineers to discuss
your business aims to ensure our service is tailored for your business


You get IT support

You pay a fixed monthly amount based on your user count and
benefit from unlimited IT support, administration and consulting

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"We have found BlackStone Associates to be pro-active, reliable and most of all dedicated to providing us with efficient, honest and secure IT support. Having BlackStone Associates at the end of the phone whenever required gives us the reassurance we need without having to worry about IT issues"

Senior Partner

H2 Quadrat

"For our offices in London - IT support which was reliable, scalable and flexible was a must from the start. We have been working with Adam and his team at BlackStone Associates for some time and have always found Adam and the BlackStone Associates IT team to be honest, efficient and cost-effective."


Bradley James Executive Search

"BlackStone Associates have proved to be totally professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of our IT systems. They are always on hand to help and are always there when we need advice, no matter how big or small the problem may be."


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