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What are the business benefits of upgrading to Windows 10?

Upgrading software can be a real pain - literally. Users are likely to be reluctant to learn something new, causing additional requests to help desk personnel as users get acquainted with a new operating system. The time required to install upgrades and get up to speed with any changes is rarely trivial, and there's always a risk that legacy software and hardware will balk when new functionality is introduced. With all these negatives, it's a wonder that we ever upgrade software! Fortunately, the Windows 10 upgrade has many more pros than cons and will help your teams be more productive while providing additional security for your organization's digital assets.

Recognize Productivity Gains for Business Users

Previous Windows OS upgrades have come with some dramatic changes to the interface, but Windows 10 feels very familiar to users. Sure, there are a few little tweaks such as an expanded Start button functionality, but the platform overall is quite consistent with prior versions. Transitioning from tablet to laptop isn't jarring, and the interface is pleasant to view and convenient to use. Users are likely to find that their most-used applications are easier to find than ever, and saving a few clicks here and there can add up to significant productivity gains. Plus, Windows 10 offers a reduction in boot time of 75% versus previous Windows platforms, reducing user frustration and allowing them to get moving quickly. Messaging tools such as Skype are included in the platform, making it simple for users to connect at the speed of business.

Your IT Department Will Appreciate Easy Upgrades and Maintenance

From self-service options within the operating system to lighter maintenance requirements than previous versions, Windows 10 has been shown to reduce IT management time by 15%, as measured by Forrester Consulting. Boot times are improved, deployments are more rapid, security and application access control is easier. These gains not only reduce the overall IT cost for the organization but allow businesses to innovate more rapidly because there is less time spent on administration - and more focus on strategy and new technology. You may even be able to reduce your reliance on third-party applications, saving subscription fees and reducing overhead.

Windows 10 Has an Improved Security Posture

Cybersecurity is a hot topic for business leaders, and there are definite advantages to reducing your security concerns. Windows 10 includes the latest functionality to support your robust cybersecurity posture, including Credential Guard and Device Guard, BitLocker and more. Forrester estimates that businesses could save nearly three-quarters of a million dollars simply by activating the security features that are already inherent in Windows 10. The updated operating system separates data at both the file level and the application level, making it more difficult for employees to accidentally or purposefully share information with the wrong people.

Prepping your business for an upgrade has never been easier - and Windows 10 provides a wealth of benefits without the frustrations that you might be dreading. Improved security, reduced boot times, a familiar interface and more, your Windows 10 upgrade will help your team provide exceptional support for users now and in the future.

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